Expert Reflections on Final Report

Ahead of the official launch of our final report next month, we are sharing the reflections written by some of our expert contributors.

Alex Atherton

Alex is an Education Consultant and former Head Teacher. In his piece, he writes about how a public health approach can work in education.

Read it here: A Public Health Approach Can Work in Education Too




Duncan Bew

Duncan Bew is Consultant Trauma and Acute Surgeon at King’s College Hospital, London. In his piece he discusses how to heal a traumatised society.

Read it here: Healing a Traumatised Society: A Shared Obligation to Care, a Shared Opportunity to Thrive



Nicky Bullard

Nicky Bullard is Chairwoman and CCO of MRM/McCann (Relationship Marketing Company). In her piece, she discusses the impact that the breakdown of relationships and loss of community can have on young people.

Read it here: The Creative Responsibility: From Hype to Hope



Pippa Goodfellow

Pippa Goodfellow is Director of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice. She discusses how we can rethink the concept of justice for young people.

Read it here: Rethinking ‘Justice’ for Young People  



Charlie Howard

Charlie Howard is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Founder of MAC-UK. His piece talks about the role of mental health interventions in preventing youth violence.

Read it here: Mental Health with Young People at the Heart



Whitney Iles

Whitney Iles is CEO of Project 507. She writes about her passion for creating a societal culture where peace can exist.

Read if here: From Violence Reduction to Positive Peace



Mat Ilic

Mat Ilic is Chief Development Officer at Catch22 and a former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister. In his piece, he reflects on the importance of long-term commitment and discuss the importance of giving more control to communities.

Read it here: Giving Back Control



Ebinehita Iyere

Ebinehita Iyere is Founder of Milk and Honey, a female-led safe space that empowers young women and helps them to heal from their experiences. She talks about girls and young women and their unheard trauma.

Read it here: Girls, Young Women and Their Unheard and Unhealed Trauma



Pastor Ben Lindsay

Pastor Ben Lindsay is CEO of Power the Fight. His piece discusses how to harness the potential and resources of faith groups in tackling youth violence.

Read it here: Harnessing the Potential and Resources of Faith Groups



Temi Mwale

Temi Mwale is CEO of The 4Front Project. She reflects on how we should rethink peace and justice to address structural violence and institutional racism. 

Read it here: Rethinking Peace and Justice: Addressing Structural Violence and Institutional Racism



Lib Peck

Lib Peck is Director of the London Violence Reduction Unit. In her piece she outlines the crucial role that VRUs play in driving forward the public health approach to tackling youth violence.

Read it here: Violence Reduction Units: Driving Forward a Preventative, Public Health Approach



Sherry Peck

Sherry Peck is CEO of Safer London. She reflects on the need to tackle inequality and social injustice when safeguarding young people.

Read it here:To Safeguard Young People we must Tackle Inequality and Social Injustice



John Poyton

John Poynton is Chief Executive of Redthread. In his piece, he and his Policy and Comms Manager, Eleanor Riley, outline why youth violence is not a one sector issue.

Read it here: No Young Person is an Island: Why Youth Violence Isn’t a One Sector Issue



Niven Rennie

Niven Rennie is Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit. He discusses the challenges that still remain 15 years after the VRU was established.

Read it here: 15 Years On and Still Challenges Remain



John Sutherland

John Sutherland is a Former Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police. He reflects on the role that policing plays in tackling violence.

Read it here: Saving Lives: A Police Officer’s Greatest Duty



Ciaran Thapar

Ciaran Thapar is a freelance writer and youth worker. He explores how drill music gives us the opportunity to understand and empower young people.

Read it here: Drill Music: An Opportunity for Understanding and Empowering



Jon Yates

Jon Yates is Executive Director of the Youth Endowment Fund. He reflects on how funders can find out what works and put it into practice.

Read it here: Funders: Finding Out ‘What Works’ and Helping to Put it into Practice



John Carnochan

John Carnochan is co-founder of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit. In his piece he gives important insights into the impact of Covid-19 and the role social inequality plays underpinning violence in young people’s lives.

Read it here: Insights into the Impact of Covid-19 and the Role Social Inequality Plays in Underpinning Violence




Sheldon Thomas

Sheldon Thomas is a consultant, trainer, author and blogger, and founder of Gangline. He draws on his many years of experience working with gang members to discuss what still needs to be done.

Read it here: Oh No Not Another Report



Sarah Willis

Sarah Willis is the Head of Strategic Partnerships and National Delivery at MTVH.  She oversees the development of innovative partnerships with national, regional and local stakeholders to address inequalities and enable resident and community empowerment.  Her piece reflects on how important good quality homes are to tackling youth violence.

Read it here: Homes must be at the heart of tackling violence that affects young people



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